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Layouts for 221B Baker Street (i.e. Sherlock2010 dollhouse project??!)
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After reading the wonderful posts by staticlights on the Guide to 221B, it inspired me to do a little SketchUp model of 221B Baker Street using things/furnitures I could find from Google's 3D Warehouse that look similar to what's in the show.  To bear in mind, I'd only used objects that I could find, and didn't bother to alter them all to look exactly like in the show, so it is not an accurate account of the film sets.  I know, what's the merit of it if it's not accurate? Well, I just considered it a litter fun dollhouse project I do in my spare time and try not to get too obsessive with all the details (really it can't be good to my health while I'm so sleep deprived.)

Also, I wanna try my best to solve the puzzling layout of the 221B Baker Street.  Sadly, it hasn't got too far, and I haven't drawn a more valuable conclusion than staticlights already had.  Anyhoo, I put up some screen-caps from my model here, and try to explain some of the mysteries that have frustrated me, in hope of maybe finding some enlightenment here.  However, they are really trivia problems, maybe people really shouldn't waste their time reading my words. Just look at the nice pictures. : )))))

Mystery No.1 --  Sherlock's bedroom


In reality, it was filmed in 185 North Gower Street.  From the views of Google Earth, the buildings have four storeys and the one that's supposed to be 221B has no extension on the back.  Therefore, it's really mind-boggling as to why would they have to add the extension at the back of the kitchen showed on the first floor that is probably meant to be **Sherlock's bedroom?**, while there're plenty of rooms to make a proper bedroom for Sherlock.

Another problem here is that 221C really shouldn't exist because there's no space for its basement window since it's positioned directly underneath the shop (Speedy's Cafe.)  
OK, I've got it wrong. It can share the light well on the left side of the entrance of 221B and a tiny window can be fitted there. So technically, 221C can be done.  And yes, it will be a horrible room, haha. 

Mystery No.2 --  The really thick party wall.

The party wall to the right is thick enough to have recessed bookcases and fireplace on one side, which could make it around 350mm in depth (and it's quite a reasonable number.)  However, as we move to the side of the kitchen, the cabinet in-between is really posited farther right which leave tighter gaps between its edge and the corner in the show, yet the edge of the kitchen worktop showed adjacent to the edge of the cabinet/screen-doors, given the fact that kitchen worktop is normally at least 600mm in depth, the numbers just don't add up (align.)

I don't think I can explain this well enough in words.  My guess, in simple terms, is that this party wall is simply not aligned on both side, and it has eaten away a few hundreds millimeters into the adjacent apartment on the side of the kitchen. 

So I'd made a scrabbled version of the plans to suggest a more reasonable layout for 221B Baker Street. (Really, there's no need for the extension since it would be inevitably blocking one of the windows on the back, and a party wall shouldn't invade other flats for space.)

OK, enough about my whining here (really, it's the architect in me doing all these silly things :-)) , now to the more joyful part of this project, which is to make gorgeous INTERIOR SHOTS!!! And I had enormous fun in finding all those objects representing Sherlock's and John's characters, making the mad little lab space in the kitchen 8DDDDD.  (Srsly, I've got things like eyeball/skeleton/John's Sig from 3D Warehouse, how wonderful those ppl are for sharing their lovely models!!! <3 <3 <3 )  

Well, I would also like to share my model in 3D Warehouse once my internet connection is working better.  Meanwhile, I'd uploaded them to MF for anyone who would like to download the SketchUp model and have their fun with it. Oh, and for anyone who's interested in the silly little chemistry laboratory I put together in the kitchen, sorry it's not in the 221b model cos it slows down the rotation so much. I've put it in a separated file for download. Cheers!! :)))

For D/L: Exterior model in street views / Model with interior and furnishing  / Sherlock's kitchen lab

I don't think I could declare any rights cos I got most of the stuffs from internet open sources as well... (and please excuse my English, sometimes I tangled my way into all those long sentences and couldn't battle my way out : P)

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Have done a few CAD projects all I can say is kudos! Hopefully we see the other rooms (the bathroom!) in series two. Are you in the UK? Because in a lot of flats with multiple bedrooms the toilet can be in one room and the bath in another.

Wow, first comment I got. Thanks so much!!:D I studied Architecture in the UK, but sadly I left already (can't stand the weather, hahahaha, but they were filming in Cardiff!!! OMG, now I wish I will be back :((( ) Haha, I was willing to overlook the lack of toilet in the flat, just automatically assumed it's somewhere at the back since so many of those Victorian houses have added-on amenities to adopt for modern living. And yes!! Hopefully there will be shots from the bathroom and bedrooms next season. ;DDD

This is so fantastic! I love how much time and energy you've put into it--finding the pieces, etc. Thank you.

HAHA, yes, it took a little more time than I should when there're other projects that are paying my wages.:P Thanks for your kind words! :)))

(Deleted comment)
Oh yes, thank you very much!! A porch/fire escape I can live with. :DDD In my mind, the only sensible explanation would be putting Sherlock's room upstairs, and I'd deliberately given him the room on the front so that he can survey all the activities from the street.:)))

That being said, and reviewing what Mrs. Hudson says ("There's another bedroom upstairs, if you'll be needing it"), it doesn't necessarily mean that Sherlock's room has to be on the first floor -- she may have meant that there was another bedroom *in addition to Sherlock's* upstairs.

Yeah, but doesn't Sherlock say, "Dr. Watson will be taking the room upstairs." - making it seem that there's a room not upstairs that he could be taking?

That is beautiful, really well done!

I love you for making this :)

haha, thank you! <3<3<33

Absolutely fascinating! Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us! ^_^

Well, it's also fun work, ;) thank you! ^^

Love it very much, where could you find them.

I found all of them from 3D Warehouse, which is the internet database for SketchUp models :)))) ... but sometimes I did alter the pieces a bit to suit the looks of the show. And thank you! <3 <3

This is totally awesome! *bookmarks for reference*

Wow! Thanks for posting this! I love your little sketch ups.

When you say doll house model, are you talking just the virtual ones, or are you going to actually build a 'real' doll house?

Sorry just picturing the fun one could have with a John doll and a Sherlock dool I ean mean doll, oh look there goes my spelling already...

This is such a valuable resource for fanfiction! Thank you so much!

The remaining question is . . .

Where's the bathroom?

For plumbing purposes, it would be near the kitchen line/stack, either next to it or above. Logically, you'd put it above the kitchen, but John would lose the bedroom window.

Obviously, 221B is a TARDIS.

Re: The remaining question is . . .

If it were right above the kitchen sink (allowing room for the exhaust over the hob), then it would be in between John's and Sherlock's bedrooms. If we could fit in an entrance for each of them that would be ideal; otherwise an L-shape with the door next to John's bedroom door would be my next thought.

Sorry for the late remarks folha5eca; am just discovering this now and it's brilliant!

Brilliant!!!OMG you done it!=3=!!!
This is the first time I see the 221B!Ohhhhhhhhh I love you!

This is fantastic! Adding to memories.

Brilliant work is brilliant!

This will be a great help-out for my small personal challenge of building Sherlock and Watson's flat on Sims 2. Thank you so so so so much! I'm bookmarking this page for reference! XD

Good lord folha5eca, you amazing creature. Thank you for this. Thank you thank you.

This is simply amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this :D

This just came in really, really handy. Thank you. :) I needed the layout for my Experiments story. Thanks for your hard work figuring this out.

Your post just got linked in the Sherlock community, that's how I found it. I think it is awesome! I love looking at layouts in general - and I also work in an engineer's office and draw such things for a living - unfortunately not with furnishing, it's more about the concrete and the reinforcement.

Will you update your stuff now that we actually have seen Sherlock's bedroom? I am usually too much distracted by the actual story going on, but I shall look closer at the details in the flat now!

Wondering if there is someone out there really making this into a miniature model - I already know people who are building the Dr. House apartment and the Torchwood Hub. I also have seen a wonderful selfmade Hobbit hole. Fans are so dedicated.

I need Sherlock action figures. I seriously do.

That is a really awesome project!

Greetings from Germany,

Just what I was looking for, which was a floor plan of the whole area, not just 221B. Awesome!

This is awesome! I just mapped it out to build on Sims, but this is so much neater than mine. I guess Sherlock's room is on the same floor because that makes the first floor self-contained, and the real 221B hasn't been extended because it has to be kept true to the original.

this is amazing! I love it... I did two peices of art last year that really made me study the sitting room in great detail and I can tell you've done all that and more!

This is fabulous! I was trying to make their flat in Sims 2 and I realized I was pretty confused about how the kitchen connected to the living room and where the heck Sherlock's bedroom would go. This is exactly what I needed! Thank you for posting it!

Hello, i just find you work, i'm really impressed. I was looking for some maps and docs to help me writing a fanfic. I have every thing i need here :)

Thank you so much for this amazing work a reconstruction (and sorry for my englis, i don't need to make long sentences to be lost !).

I don't know if you're still active, but I'm leaving a comment anyway.
I'm an architecture student and I was thinking on actually making a 221B dollhouse as some kind of hobby/experiment and then I found this... IT'S SO USEFUL! Thank you so much! Now it'll be a lot easier to make the blueprints and all !

I think this is great, I’m always looking at buildings on TV shows and trying to work out how they would work. Well done!

Looking at the actual building on Bing maps bird’s eye view looking west the rear view is partly obscured by a tree, but the building next door clearly has a basement window at the back. From this view the bathrooms would appear to be on the 2nd and 3rd (3rd and 4th if you are American) floors presumably over the kitchen. If you rotate to look north the basements are more visible and ‘221B’ looks to have had its extended into the garden and roofed over, this may be the kitchen of the actual sandwich shop.

Of course this building is not in Baker Street at all so the back of the building can be whatever you, we the fans or the writers want it to be. Similar properties in Baker Street go back further and often to a mews behind.

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