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This... is amazing. Wow. Just - wow. Thank you so much! I had no idea this random conglomeration of mathematics could be enjoyed by anyone who wasn't me, so... thank you so much. It's absolutely flabbergasting to hear that you actually researched the maths in it. Congratulations - you are now familiar with a field most professors don't even know well!
I hope you don't mind if I link from the story to your gorgeous cover?

OMG you found this and approved of it. Flailing! I was meaning to drop a line to you about this, dividing between through a comment or a PM because I was really not sure if you would like it, since the story was very much about Moriarty vs. Sherlock but all I saw was John (the fangirl in me is just not rational, damn!) Hence it's maybe not a book cover for the whole of your amazing story per se...and the mood is "nervous." Well, all is well now since you like it :D. Thank you!

About the research, believe me, the pleasure was all mine, and it felt great to learn something new too. Well, if you care to know, the theory puzzled me the most is actually the good old "Russell's paradox." Haha, I even felt stupid admitting to it. The famous "barbers" explanation I could get perfectly, but when it became round sets and square sets, I just couldn't grasp it.

And of course I would be honored if you decide to link to this cover. Haha, I was just thrilled that you like it.

Like it? Approve of it? I love it! and I'm so honoured that you decided to do something this great for my little story.

John is a big part of this and I'm glad he gets his due! I had fun putting in Russell's paradox (mathematics is best when it gets philosophical), making it impossible for Sherlock and Moriarty to exist independently, not to belong to one another, and then letting John claim himself the resolution. When you get deeper into it than that, it certainly does get confusing - don't feel stupid, it took seven years for anyone even to propose a functional solution!

</ stops being a mathematics geek, sorry >

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