(Chapter) Cover art.
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Well, I came across a great story (Zero Sum Game by sidneysussex) where Moriarty really was an brilliant mathematician, and gleefully evil. And the math geek (wannabe) in me just love it to pieces. I have to confess I don't fully understand it, maybe in next life I would be smarter and become a mathematician, but now, some concepts are just too abstract for me. Never mind, I still enjoyed it immensely, spent a fruitful night having fun researched the meaning of all those math theories, especially part 9, where Jim and John engaged in a little duel of their own, and Jim said "it’s still more than Jim expected, to find someone who will echo his blind anger in the language Jim speaks best." My god, that just awaken the Jim/John shipper in me to no end. I'm sure that's not the author's intention, but the desire to make a cover art for that chapter just burns me. So here it is: (all the equations I got from the wiki page for ZFC ; the spiral clock image is from here ; and the Penrose tiling image is from here. AS and MF's images I guess belong to BBC?) 


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